From the firm: A new reality is here…

We continue to live through an unprecedented time. It’s very likely that we’ll continue putting strategies in place to manage our personal and professional lives around COVID-19-at least for the foreseeable future. As such, this issue is packed with ideas and tactics for staying both personally and finan­cially healthy.

From a business standpoint, being able to serve customers through the pandemic is paramount. So, take a look at our strategies to create a contactless (yet quality) customer experience. Apply these tips to keep your employees and your customers confident and safe.

When it comes to business growth. adopting a niche strategy is often a successful approach. In this issue of In The Loop, we detail how to corner a specific niche market. We’ve also incorporated tips to help you think through picking a 529 plan and improving your general health. From college saving to kids’ allowances and proactive health measures for your body, mind and soul. .. we have you covered.

Because we don’t know how long we will be living in pandemic­mode, chances are that many of us will celebrate Halloween a bit differently this year. See our at-home party prep guide to make the most of the spookiest time of the year.

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