Ideas for Multigenerational Family Vacations this Summer

Multigenerational family vacations have experienced an uptick in popularity, especially with older generations being more active and families living farther apart. Family getaways certainly bring people together physically, but also emotionally. Dedicated family time is simply good for the soul…even more so when multiple generations take part. With this in mind, we bring you a few ideas and tips to consider when planning your next multigenerational vacation.

Identify the purpose of the vacation
Family vacations, at the core, are about families sharing time and experiences. But what other reasons might you have for the trip? Getting to know your grandkids better? Re-experiencing traveling with your parents like when you were a kid? By being clear on expectations of multigenerational family trips, you can address the type of experience you’d like and make sure it meshes with what the rest of your family expects.

Consider mobility issues
If there are family members for whom traveling is difficult, take the vacation to them. This doesn’t mean staying in their home, but rather booking rooms for everyone in a local hotel (preferably one with a pool for the kids). This allows your less-mobile family members to join in on the fun without having to travel far from home base.

Take a tour
Experiencing the world with your family adds to any adventure. Many tour companies cater to a wide range of active age groups—offering tours of Alaska’s interior to a safari in Tanzania. As active seniors increasingly want to introduce their pre-teen/teenaged grandchildren to travel, many tour itineraries are being designed to accommodate all family members.

You can go home again
For the kids, getting a personal tour of where parents or grandparents grew up can make for an enriching trip. For parents and grandparents, it offers a trip down memory lane. It also creates a lasting connection with grandkids as you visit spots that are linked to your family’s history.

Do a little heritage travel
Consider taking a trip to trace your family’s roots. Make an ancestor’s hometown part of a larger trip or your official destination. Whether it’s the next state over or another country, communities warmly welcome families looking into their history and are often eager to share information.

Get everyone’s input
Before you plan your next (or first) multigenerational family vacation, make sure to get everyone’s input up front. Having all family members agree on the plan will make for a much more enjoyable getaway and help create some wonderful new memories.

For all those who plan to travel with family this summer, these ideas and tips can help as you make plans for your extended family. Safe and happy travels!